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​​Meet Jamie Grasso, your concierge jeweler.

  • ​GIA certified

  • independent accredited jewelry professional (GIA) SINCE 2009


  • Long standing relationships with active adult communities in VA, MD, DC, AND non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross

  • Member of Capital Speakers CLUB

  • recurring speaker at george mason university and Northern virginia Community college on valuation of jewelry, coins and silver

  • Erickson Preferred Vendor


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​​​Concierge jewelry services for busy professionals. 

"When I first met Jamie years ago, I still thought my great-grandmother's diamond ring belonged in a safe-deposit box at the bank. My grandmother kept it there, my mother kept it there, so I should too, right? Wrong! Jamie not only explained to me the value of the ring (despite its age and size, the diamond has an invisible chip... so really, its value was more sentimental), but encouraged me every time she saw me to wear the ring - often. I was worried I would knock the diamond and crack it into two pieces. Jamie quickly understood my worries, had her goldsmith turn the diamond in its setting to protect the cleft, and then sized it to fit my finger. Now, I wear it all the time and this year I plan to wear it to Italy from whence it came more than 100 years ago. If not for JG Jewelry that ring would still be locked in a bank vault — and what a shame that would be!"


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